Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Hockey: No Secret, Not Weird, Man, This Is War !

It is No Secret that there will be no NHL hockey anytime soon. And if this vintage comic over is any omen, it spells doom for the ice men.

NHL near death cover on DC HOUSE OF SECRETS # 114.

It would be nice to blog about some hockey cards, especially since there are some appealing sets being produced. However, like many of my fellow card bloggers, we are disenchanted with cards and card collecting of late.

So instead, I have found solace in other treasures. 


In my now regular garage sale outings, I found a seller who was liquidating his comic books. With the above DC issue I found these gems:

MEKANO LIVES, but not in the NHL on the cover of X-MEN # 36

Jim Rhoades should fight for the NHL fans, but featues on WAR MACHINE # 1

That managment and players agree would be a cover of WEIRD WONDER TALES # 20

IRON MAN # 300  - better than hockey right now

I picked up these 5 comics PLUS a record buyers guide book for $1.00 - yep one George Washington U.S. dollar bill.  'Nuff Said.


CaptKirk42 said...

Cool stuff. MY brother had that House of Secrets comic. I'm not sure if I ever read it or ever got my own copy. Classic cover though I hadn't seen it in years.

Unknown said...

Captivating design that throws strong impressions inspires me a lot deserves for plastic cards printing....