Thursday, May 27, 2010


My brain is already in overdrive in anticipation of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The USA is making its 6th consecutive appearence and opens against the former empire - ENGLAND on June 12 (live on ABC). No David Beckham. Yes, Landon Donovan.

The contest may seem frenzied but it only reflects the football madness happening world-wide. This vintage album (above) - a 1970 Panini World Cup sticker album is on ebay at $367.00 with 6 days to go. Sorry, that is NOT the prize.

My prize will be much more modest, but will include some older Panini World Cup stuff (before 2010) or some other soccer swag. A chance to score some soccer memorabilia and show your sports smarts.

Because the first 6 or 7 entries might pick the favorites (I'm not going to tell you - keep reading), I will do a high / low contest. Not only pick first place, but the OPTION to pick who finishes LAST.

2. state whether you pick them to win or finishish last.
3. tie breaker: pick which team will have the highest number of goals or the lowest number of goals.
4. double tie breaker: pick which team will have the top scorer over all.
5. pick a player to win the golden boot - top scorer in the tournament.

So your entry should look something like this:

Chuck's Used Cards
3.Jamaica-most goals
4.Scotland: top scorer

or this ...

Card Nutz
3.Egypt: least goals
4.Ireland: top scorer
5.George Best-N. Ireland

You will earn points - 32 for a correct HIGH / LOW pick, minus 1 point for each level off top or bottom. Bonus points -
20 points for correct MOST / LEAST goals.
10 points for tops scoring team.
25 points for picking the actual top scorer.

As with FIFA, mine is the final decision, fair or not, right or wrong, god help us all. One entry per person.

Entries must be in by Friday (next week) 12:00 midnight - June 4th.


Captain Canuck said...

PRK - last
PRK - least
Argentina - Top
Lionel Messi - Golden Boot

Dan said...

New Zealand-least
Cristiano Ronaldo-Golden Boot

dayf said...

Italy wins
Spain most goals
Spain top scorer
David Villa Golden Boot

Chuck's Used Cards said...

dayf just remember USA 3 Spain 0 !

RoofGod said...

1. Korea DPR
2. Has no chance in hell of even scoring a goal.
3. Sticking with Korea DPR for lowest goal total with zero
4. Netherlands has top scorer
5. Dirk Kuyt wins the Golden Boot

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Roofgod - you need to amend your picks. Capt, Canuck has Korea as last place - thanks

RoofGod said...

Apparently I cannot follow directions:

1. Honduras
2. Honduras has no chance in hell of even scoring a goal.
3. Sticking with Honduras for lowest goal total with zero
4. Netherlands has top scorer
5. Dirk Kuyt wins the Golden Boot

beardy said...

New Zealand - -Last
Brazil- Most Goals
Netherlands - Top Scorer
Robin Van Persie - Golden Boot

darkship said...

France wins
Brazil Highest goals
Arjen Robben Boot

Chris Harris said...

1) New Zealand to finish 32nd
2) Highest number of goals: Spain
3) Team with top scorer: Spain
4) Golden Boot Winnar: Fernando Torres

soccer1072 said...

New Zealand-Low
Brazil Most Goals
Brazil Highest Scorer
Luis Fabiano- Golden Boot

soccer1072 said...

New Zealand-Low
Spain-Most Goals
Spain-High Scorer
David Villa- Golden Boot