Monday, January 13, 2014

S.O.S. Selling My Cards / Weekend Card Show

I went to my local monthly card show this Saturday.  Sometimes its just the hunt that is satisfying.
I picked up this 1963 Topps World Series - Game # 1. It Features Yankees Hall of Fame pitcher WHITEY FORD. 
This is where it gets scary.
I saw several items I really wanted but being out of cash and my Paypal running pretty dry, my options were left to old fashion trading. 
I bargained for some cool looking modern football cards which I hope to sell.
He may have lost Sunday's playoff game, but I thought picking up 3 different  PHILIP RIVERS cards was a good deal.
- 2009 Mayo base
- 2009 Mayo mini
- 2009 National Chickle
In addition, I got two more National Chicle cards
- Troy Aikman mini [Chicle back]
- Eli Manning mini [Chicle back]
I have an affinity to mini cards as they resemble the cigarette cards I collect. Two of my favorites from the day were chase cards from the 2008 Mayo football set.
- Sonny Jurgensen mini [Yale blue back]
- The Titanic [Sailing Ships S-5 insert]
2009 Topps Mayo Mini Gold #72 - DeSean Jackson
Having tapped out my funds, I had noting left but to take addresses and contact numbers and get back to them when I have the cash. So here I am, asking my fellow bloggers for your business.
I am opening all my baseball, hockey and football cards for sale. I need to get some paypal. If you have any Christmas spirit left, wishing for good karma or just wanting to get some good deals ...
email me.

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