Friday, June 27, 2014

If Its Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium - 2014 World Cup

The chant "I Believe We Can Win" was transformed into "I Believe We can Advance" on Thursday as the US National Team qualified for the next round at 2014 World Cup.
Their opponent on Tuesday will be Belgium ...
I remember this comedy movie from the 1960's for one simple reason : DONOVAN !
No not the USA's all time leading goal scorer, but the psychedelic folk / rock singer.
Of his many hit songs like Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow were tributes to the times of free love and recreational drugs.  He also had a way of evoking an illusion of things being better than they appear to be - much like the US soccer team.
While searching for a clip from the movie, I came across something which I thought was even more interesting - a clip where a fan finds Donovan in a café and films the meeting which includes getting his email and invite to tour South Africa. Lucky fan !
Belgium were one of the teams that played at the 1994 World Cup in the USA. They trained only a few miles from my home at the time in Florida.
Here are a set of player portrait pins that were issued in Belgium. On the very bottom is the current manager, Marc Wilmots, of the Red Devils in 2014 World Cup Brazil.

Even without Donovan (both of them) Peace, love and let's get a win against Belgium. Go USA !

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Fuji said...

Counting the minutes til Tueday's game. Go Team USA!