Saturday, February 14, 2009

Going Ape

Over the past few days one of the movie channels ran the entire catalog of seven PLANET OF THE APES films.

One of my first memories of trading cards came from seeing the display in my local "5 and Dime" (when things actually cost that much) of the APE movie.

These were released in 1968 and another set based on the TV series in 1974.
The series was a box office hit as a Sci-Fi film, but later reasonated for its social impacts. As a collectible it made it way as far as Argentina (see below) in the form of pogs.
If you ever have a day to watch the entire library of 7 movies, I recommend it.


Ryan Cracknell said...

A Heston pog? Woah. Now I do believe I have seen it all. I love the Apes, although the TV show was pretty bad.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I believe the phrase you were looking for was - "Take your stinkin' hands off me you dirty ape"

rassmguy said...

You might find this page interesting, as it contains scans of the entire set of POTA cards, as well as several fan-made sets:

Rich Handley
Timeline of the Planet of the Apes

Canucklehead said...

Sweet I didn't know there were POTA cards! I just bought the whole set on Blu-Ray!

Matt Runyon said...

I remember collecting those Planet of the Apes cards in '74. I wish I still had 'em!