Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where the HELL Have I been ?

For over 6 months I think its pretty safe to say - I have been invisible when it comes to writing this blog. The beauty of this pre-occupation is that its not a job - you can't get fired, you can't get laid off and even if you cannot afford to purchase additional cards ... you can enjoy reading or writing about them. I have been busy with other things ... like work (from which I could potentially be dismissed) and making a living for the family.

I used to wonder why some of these sites would be idle for so long. Why bloggers did not have anything new for me to read.

I have come to realize that fellow bloggers have other responsiblities. And to keep it fresh, you need to take breaks. Mine was quite lenghthy - in relation to card producing outputs.

So ... starting next week I will begin to write again on this blog. I hope to return with new enthusiasm and insight to cards and collecting. I look forward to reading other blogs as well.


Captain Canuck said...

cool. welcome back.

Hackenbush said...

Looking forward to reading! Welcome back.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I appreciate the welcome ... now let's get some cardboard candy for the eyes !