Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dragon ... lives

With all the latest creatures in the 2009 Allen & Ginter set - (legend, myth and terror - subset), there are a few that will hold the test of time. Dinosaurs will last as long as kids and adults have imagination. This beastie - VELOCIRAPTOR is the next best thing to having a T-Rex on a card.
But frankly, the selection of most of the others 2009 subsets are a bit hokie. I prefer the creature that fans still love and villians feared in Hong Kong, China and Hollywood.
Enter the DRAGON - BRUCE LEE ! The 2007 Allen & Ginter card depicts the martial arts master in a scene from the American box office hit - "Enter The Dragon".

Even one step, kick or chop better - was the mini version of this card - and even best - the black border version.
Although classified as a non-sport card (albeit in a baseball dominated set), Bruce was anything but a non-athlete. He proved every bit the physical super star that Hollywood wanted.
So his rookie card, if you will, was in the 1966 Donruss GREEN HORNET set. The TV series ran for a short time but Lee who portrayed "KATO" was very popular.
These are some of the cool colorful cards of the 1960's that are worth collecting.
Bruce would have been even a bigger star had he landed the part originally written for him - KUNG FU.

Sadly, mainstream America was not ready for an Asian star. But his sudden death spurned him to immortality. He is preserved on cardboard for all to enjoy.

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