Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Convention, more Toys

I have been busy with commissioned art work. I've got a 3 day Comic Con coming up (Ancient City Con 7). Where I will be the featured guest artists.
I've produced a few sketch cards like this HULK v WOLVERINE.

My garage sale finds have been a blast as I've come across lots of 1980's toys. My latest finds have been G.I. JOE  3 3/4 inch vehicles.
Rolling Thunder - Super Missile Carrier
I found a near mint Rolling Thunder vehicle. It is armed to the teeth with a howizer, 4 manned guns and 2 ballistic missiles in the bay of the truck.
I also bought a box with the 1983 Wolverine missile launcher, and other various COBRA vehicles.
I also found a Limited Edition lunch box from the indy comic book - Tales of Bloody Mary.
There were only 400 made. So its appears to be quite rare. I love the black and white graphics.

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