Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BRA-ZIL : 2013 Confederations Cup Review

After what was one of the best "mini" pre-World Cup tournaments - i.e. The confederations Cup, a few stars reaffirmed their status:
Italy's goalkeeper - "GIGI" BUFFON had the combined smile and determination to bring Italy 3rd Place. Saving 3 pk's in the overtime did nothing to add to his legendary image.
A recent move (or is it ?) to Chelsea put Serie A top goalscorer EDINSON CAVANI farther into the spotlight.  But his free kicks and stealth play over-shadowed teammates Suarez and Forlan.
For all his flopping and faking, NEYMAR did produce goals for Brazil. His move to Europe will be a measuring stick to success.
Although they were totally out of their league - I give Tahiti National Team credit for sportsmanship and effort. It was a refreshing to see players without egos and playing purely for the love of the game.
I can't wait for next year's World Cup. But we are only a month away from the European season.
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