Friday, July 19, 2013

ACC Show Highlights ... part 2

Continuing the summery of the 3-day ACC7 show, I finally had a chance to photograph the STAR WARS give-away trading cards from SQUAD 7 (of the 501st). Each member has his or her own card. Some, like Gina's are signed. Gina was great in giving me info on Star Wars toys which I picked up at the show. They know their universe.
In honor of Squad 7, I was commissioned to do a pin up poster - penciled and inked - of General Grievous.

There were a few dealers from Japan with anime statues and toys. They were expensive. Here, a Ninja stands guard over the tables.

Below, a trio of gals are costumed up for the day.

There were other rooms for gaming which I only had a chance to see on the last day. But the stuff was very detailed and looked pretty cool. I don't play, but would love to make some of the props.

I also did a commission of a WAR HAMMER orc figure. One of the few I was able to get a picture of before the buyer pick them up.

I do a 2-day comic book show in Jacksonville tomorrow. Finding time to finish the art work and blog is a hard task. Thanks for reading.

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