Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ACC7 Show ... Highlights

So Ancient City Con 7 came and went. Three days of furry costumes, steampunk and assorted cosplay. There were some talented artists on hand. One in particular, SAVY LIM, had this colored print of Logan (aka WOLVERINE).

I was fortunate enough to beg and finally trade art for the original art - which is just mind bogglingly detailed. (just look at the hair from the torso !)
Sometimes pictures do not justice to the visual effect when you see the costumes. This guy's eyes lit up (literally) in stealth mode.

This regal couple (Mr. and Mrs. Steampunk) were part of the steampunk movement - and theme to this show.

Here are examples of some of the great craftmanship of steampunk costumes and accessories.

and the punk mobile ...

Members of the 501st Legion, Squad 7 - from Jacksonville, were on hand. A nice bunch who gave out STAR WARS stickers and personal cards of their characters.
I did a good bunch of convention sketches - but only got to take a few photos of them. Here is "Zombie Wolverine".

more later.

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