Friday, February 26, 2010

No Country For Old Men ...

I cannot remember when I got so much use out of my cable tv. With all that is turning the sports world, I have not time for writing this blog. NBC, MSNBC, USA, CNBC, Fox Soccer Channel, GOLTV and ESPN ... and now Fox Soccer Plus is introduced this week ... what the hell do I have time for ?

American international Landon Donovan has been voted Everton F.C.'s player of the month. There is even a facebook site dedcated to keeping at Everton - which means not returning to MLS before the World Cup this summer. 

The other hottest player has to be Manchester United's Wayne Rooney - with superelatives like "greatest" and "legend" being tossed around. One thing is for sure, the USA defense will have one hell of a time trying to neutralize the Englishman at the World Cup on June 12th.

And while I'm interupting my Uefa Champions League, English Premier League with spring training of the MLS clubs here in Florida, along comes the US National Team to play in Tampa. It was a great match to watch in the pouring rain. The US fans were fantastic !

so all this and then the Olympics get even more interesting. Missed turns, wipeouts, wiped tears, torn limbs and limber athletes ...

Canada rebounds with Roberto Luongo (I told you so) and will meet the USA in a rematch for GOLD on Sunday.

It is lucky I can get any sleep. At least I can carry my laptop to the "can" or eat in front of the TV. But  no time for proper blogging ... so until then ... this will have to do.

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