Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tony Gwynn Fake Card Contest

Our man David over at Cardboard Junkie (the guy that got me reading blogs) has started a contest. I'm throwing my card into the ring with this simple (minded) redition of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn.

I feel I have not had time to concentrate on details ... its the holidays and we are going at the speed of the autobahn - fast, faster and Mercedes Benz. I wish I had more time to showcase my favorites in the 2nd Blog Bat Around - but all I came up with was a pinch-hit bunt. Never-the-less, this blogging is a learning curve.

So here is my lame Gwynn card.

I would really like to see more quality inserts or short print cards. I know there are some cool emperors and sharks but lets face it, the majority of collectors are men (sorry ladies - its true).

I am bewildered by the chase for some of these mini cards in the Allen & Ginter sets. For half the price, you could purchase a nice card that is 5 times as old - and a real robacco card - on the internet.

I would like to start a series called - "this should be an insert". You would have to imagine you are thumbing through the most recent opened pack of cards ... and lo and behold you find this:

Would THIS be better than a shark ? Better than an Orthocopter ? Better than Honus Wagner ? Careful how you answer that. Stay tune ...

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