Thursday, December 18, 2008

Up for Trade

I was gifted 3 packs of Football cards - from someone who does not know I follow the other football. While I still have a massive NFL collection (which will be up for auction soon), I do not actively collect NFL cards.

So here's to those people that do ... and here up on the trading block are 7 cards (6 shown) and two unopened packs - one 2006, one 2007 - and this open pack with a bunch of rookies. I don't even want to know who they are - if I get interested I am liable to keep them.

Eric Weddle - Chargers, Mercedes Lewis - Jaguars, Rod Smith - Broncos, Brodie Croyle - Chiefs, Dwayne Bowe - Chiefs, Reggie Ball - Lions, Randy McMichael - Rams.

I am interested in stuff from my want list or if you want to send one or two unopened packs of baseball, hockey, soccer or non-sport. Or just make me an offer - who knows ?

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