Monday, September 24, 2012

A Box of Monsters ... Part 1


I don't often buy entire lots - I'm a picker. But after looking through a box of toys, I made an offer - that I could not refuse. 

There were some large monster figures in the box that looked really cool ...

It took some research and the help of some toy forum members but I found the above giant monster emanates from the Sci-Fi movie STARSHIP TROOPERS ... this video tells it best -

Then I found this ugly creature - the Alien Pilot from INDEPENDENCE DAY 

Here with the pilot inside (below) when the mouth opens ...


 Not your average hero action figures - these SPIDER-MAN examples are a Man-spider, a Vampire Spider-man and some 6-limb abomination of Spider-man. Also included Spider-man villains are Venom and Carnage.

A few X-Men, Ghost Rider, Iron-Man and a back row HULK-out - Gray Hulk, Green Hulk, Hairy Hulk and She-Hulk.


This was the best of the Super Heroes - a Giant 12 inch 30th Anniversary issue of the SILVER SURFER.  

Accessories included a surf board, flame trail, a ball of fire and a power glove.

This is a look at most of the box of items all out.

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