Monday, December 30, 2013

TIME FOR INVENTORY - Want Lists, Checklists and White Whales

How can I tell if I have had a good year of collecting ?  Well, when I have so many new additions I can't keep track.
2013 saw me curb my acquisitions to my target player collections or some very rare cards. I veered off the path a few times, but it was with reasonable spending and much satisfaction.
I ended 2013 with a "bang" by obtaining one of the harder to find PELE' cards. (more on this in a leter blog)
The 1962 San Giorgio World Cup All Stars (Tutto il Mundo)
I am going to be taking inventory for 2014. I will refine my "want list" and target some of my favorite players. I also have a larger inventory of duplicates which will be sold, and reinvested.
I will send some of my vintage cards to auction and trade with some collectors to help their pursuits.
I feel fortunate and would love to help some new collectors or veterans who could use a fire to rekindle their desire.
Thanks to everyone who has kept up and replied to this modest blog.


Fuji said...

That Pele card looks amazing and very clean. Why did it receive such a low grade? Enjoy a safe New Year's Eve and have a great 2014.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Thanks, man. Usually, the low grade comes from being pulled from and album - either small paper loss or glue residue. But with any cards or stickers that have blank backs, it makes no matter to me. As long as the front is nice, it golden.

Unknown said...

This is a beauty! I would be really interested in talking to you about some cards I am looking for. Can you drop me an email to ? I don't find any contact details here, or am I blind...? :-)