Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good-bye to Yankee Stadium

While garage sale(ing) this weekend I picked up a nice book called "Yankee Stadium: 75 Years of Drama, Glamour and Glory". I paid my maximum 50 cents (for hard cover books).

It was another reminder that its will be the final year of events in "the House that Ruth Built". And while most of us know that the New York Yankees play there, so many other memorable moments that took place including concerts, prize fights, football games and of course one season of soccer with PELE' and the New York Cosmos.

While Yankee Stadium is the backdrop to literally thousands of baseball cards its famous top facade is visible on the cards of Bert Blyleven, and soon to be Yankees Graig Nettles and Reggie Jackson.

Those of us who have spent way too much time looking at cards seem to find stuff that other people find ... well mundane. So while the facade of Yankee Stadium is as common as rookie prospects, there are a few other cards of the Bronx building.

One of my favorites is this 1971 Ken McMullen. It shows the Yankee monuments before they were moved to a separate courtyard outside the field of play. But lets not forget that for a period they were to be avoided by sprinting outfielders.
The only thing worse than dying for Ruth's monument is dying because of Ruth's monument. Ouch !

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