Friday, March 28, 2014

Making Cards: Part 3 - Lord Of The Rings

I guess you could call it an anniversary, but to me its more than that. One of the first sketch card sets I worked on for TOPPS was the LORD OF THE RINGS. To this day, I get requests from as far as Asia to Australia to draw the characters, creatures and artistry of this story. And I love it.
I have had the privilege to be commissioned by some of the finest super collectors of this franchise. Many of these collectors have amassed artists rendered scenes from the movie trilogy at a great expense. I'm honored to be among their archives.
Here are my latest sketch cards:
The Great Hall of ROHAN

HAMA, the Captain of the Rohan Guard

GOLLUM's Peril

SARUMAN - Battle of the Wizards

There are almost infinite aspects of this saga to bring to life. I can't wait to start another installment. I hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making Cards - Part 2 : Legendary Lovecraft

Monsters, whether you believe n them or not, exist.  Because of writers like Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft.
H.P. Lovecraft is one of the recent trends of horror writers that are getting a revival through their stories and their interpretations of artists. I am pleased to be one of the selected ones to depict Lovecraft's monster mind through the MONSTER WAX card company. The company also houses one of the finest collections of monster trading cards found here -

I wish I had more time to do these cards but I was in the middle of a deadline and got to do only a handful for the set. However, I was given some extra blank cards and will be putting some of those up for sale when the set is released.

If you have a favorite Lovecraft story or creature, and you want a nice investment in cards, shoot me an email and your request. A closer look at sketch cards and their rising values, you can check out  or or ebay for current pricing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Making Cards - Part 1 : Mardi Gras (adult content warning)

I get this about once a year - when the blogging comes to a near complete dead stop. But I usually have a better reason for this than just being lazy. While my A.D.D. mentality is not in full pursuit of collecting cards, it slowly oozes out some art work for other card sets.
I've been toiling away at 3 different sketch card sets, 2 of which will be issued this spring.
ISLAND DREAMS will be releasing "Let The Good Times Roll" in April featuring the theme of MARDI GRAS in New Orleans.
I selected a few samples to show here.  The adult theme warning in the title of this blog is so that the all-so sensitive, censorship crazy prudes don't have a cause to bitch about the drawing of a pair of breasts. (if this bothers you - read no further)
A chance to slip in a sports card with the NFL's New Orleans Saints.

The chance to slip in some slippage. I love drawing women.

I never pass up a chance for Spooky costumes and skulls. 

Who's the leader of the band ? Flaunting feathers.

Voodoo dolls and dollies.

More smiles and beads.

This was one of the over sized 5 x 7 cards.
I've done a few sets for  ISLAND DREAMS including ones for charity. The packs are always interesting with many fine artist's work and surprise bonus cards that feature genuine old coins or artifacts. These "Let The Good Times Roll" packs will include actual free drink tickets among other things.
I hope you pardon my absents and posting. The MLS season has begun and the FIFA World Cup will be in less than 3 months. By then, you'll probably see more of my sketch cards on ebay and the official card web sites.
Next chance I get, I will feature a horror-monster set I am working on. As always, I am available for commissions to draw your requests.  You think it - I'll ink it.