Sunday, July 22, 2012


Major League Soccer All-Star Week kicks off in Philadelphia with the MLS selection taking on European Champions CHELSEA FC.

The starting goal keeper for the MLS All-Stars is Sporting Kansas City's JIMMY NIELSEN.

I found his rookie card in this high quality MERLIN'S Danish set.  

Jimmy Nielsen rookie card

Upper Deck MLS has just plain sucked year after year. The cards are dark and the usefulness of stats on the back are lines of incomplete crap. I may not be able to read Danish, but I can still make out stuff from this quality card back that is interesting.

Upper Deck are capable of producing quality. Just one look at their European issues, like this David Beckham in the Manchester United set -

This autographed sample went for about $500 bills on ebay. It is an on card signature, numbered and a clean design that is worthy.

Upper Deck MLS only wishes they could get Beckham to sign in their sets. But obviously, he has told them to go "bend it".


Among this weekend's finds was this SPIDERMAN 2 card game. The box has some decent art work.
Inside are - yup ... cards. There is a boatload of Spiderman in every sort of pose, and two different cards of actor Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus.

The cards are very thick and have a glossy coating (so pretty durable). Included is a standing 4 inch Spiderman figure that players "win" back and forth as they match cards. It is a well sculpted figure.
Not bad for 25 cents !

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