Friday, July 6, 2012

Quakes, Kookie cards and more Stan ...

One of the great things about surfing the web for your favorite cards is finding stuff that you've never seen. One of the worse things about surfing the web to find your favorite cards is finding stuff you've never seen ... but now want.

Case in point - this Greek card, of a French movie poster, of BRUCE LEE from Enter The Dragon, depicted as "Kato", from the Green Hornet TV show. Phew !

Just plain kookie, but pretty cool in another way, as it is quite colorful and may be a very rare card.

With all the art cards / sketch cards being produced (I should know, as I used to make them for Topps and Co.) it is interesting to find vintage memorabilia with some quality pencil work. Here are two samples from the 1978 Coca-Cola SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES set.
This is PARVIZ, the Iranian Soccer Captain at the 1972 and 1976 Olympic games. He joined San Jose after the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. Two other Iranian stars who also came to the NASL were Andranik ESKANDARIAN who joined the New York Cosmos and Iraj DANAEIFARD with the Tulsa Roughnecks.

This is LES CHAPMAN, who racked up an amazing over 700 games in English League. He spent one season with San Jose.

I really like these sketch cards, albeit they are just prints and not actual sketches. Upper Deck could learn a few things by making the MLS sets a step up from less boring. 

And the results of more searching is this fantastic 1 of 1 art card of SIR STAN MATTHEWS from the 2012 SPORT KINGS set. From what I understand it went for over $1000.00 to a private buyer. 

That's really too bad. Or should I say good - because I really, really wanted this. And I have a grand burning a hole in my wallet ... NOT.

So I have to settle for some other Stan Matthews cards to add to my collection. I will feature these in an upcoming blog. 

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