Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well it has been a super summer of soccer. Major League Soccer plows through the heat waves, their MLS ALL-STARS beating European Champions - CHELSEA FC. Meanwhile we had SPAIN winning the 2012 EUROS, the 2012 London Olympics saw MEXICO upset the favored Brazilians. 

So it must be time to rest my weary television blurred eyes - NOT.

The English Premier League kicks off this Saturday and the world watches (ESPN and FOX SOCCER CHANNEL here in the USA)

Liverpool are on a teetering brink or either sinking further from their glory years or rising under the new ownership (BOSTON RED SOX). As I await the new season, I have acquired 5 more cards for my 1975 TOPPS set. All of them RED !
The day when Liverpool had anywhere from 6 to 8 players on their respected National Team. 

The colorful Topps cards of the 1970s 

I have figured I only need less than 10 cards to have a complete run of TOPPS Liverpool cards from the 1975-1979 era. 

The USA triumphed in Mexico city last night. After 75 years, and the best result being a 0:0 draw in 1997, the Yanks came through winners in Mexico's Azteca Stadium.  

Not counting the smog, the high altitude and that the U.S.  was missing several key players, Sam's Army went in an played tough. Young guns kept the hosts busy enough that even Manchester United's "Chicharito" could not find the net. A 2nd half sub, Brek Shea turned on some boosters and combined with Michael Orazco, in his first appearance, to score the winner.

The hero of the night had to be Everton's netminder - TIM HOWARD, who made three amazing saves late in the match to preserve the historic shutout. This spoiled the halftime show dedicated to Mexico's Olympic gold medal winners - including their soccer team.

My own amateur photo of U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard ...

and a professional trading card ...

2011 Futera Unique - Tim Howard

 USA ! USA ! USA !

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