Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vote for The Box Break ... 2012

Our fellow blogger Martyn over at Arbitrary Crap  (gotta love that name) has decided to run a contest. And, in the Olympic spirit I chose to join in - and as one of the prizes is a pack of Olympic cards.

Having been a long time collector, I've reach a peak with most of the sports I collected - baseball, football and hockey. When my collections reached a peak, I sold them off. The challenge that remained was - soccer. A whole world of soccer cards to be discovered. Over 30 countries (that I know of) produced soccer cards - 100's of sets, many since the 1890's.

But the question at hand, in this election year (did I really go there ?) is to join a box break or not to break. 

My fellow bloggers ... to be perfectly honest, I would break. However, you see I collect footballer cards.

If anyone was to offer to break a box of the above type  TOPPS packs, I am in - all the way in !

I would even bust a move to break the above high end cards - FUTERA style.

But until I can find vintage boxes of these ...

or get results like this ...

I will have to "just say no".

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