Friday, October 11, 2013

THE KING is Still KING on Cardboard

Almost 40 years after he starred for the NEW YORK COSMOS, the legendary Brazilian soccer star PELE' is still commanding premium money on trading cards.
Having appeared a few years ago in the SPORTS KINGS series, he is now featured in several TOPPS sets. In my opinion, the most outstanding of these is the Topps Archives autograph card.
Ironically, this could have been Pele's American card debut had Topps been producing soccer cards in 1975 (assuming they would use the baseball design of the same year). Sadly, they were not.

I found only two sales recorded of this card:
$482.77 and an offer accepted from a $649.99 listing.
2013 Allen & Ginter included a hodge-podge of Pele cards in their set. A base card, a mini base card, a black border, a Bazooka back, a green back and a blank back.
Then there were the A&G memorabilia cards.

I purchased a pair of the minis for a small price compared to the specialty cards.

The purpose of the black backs ? Fuck if I know.

Then there are the autograph variations - blue autograph (can be found with 2 different border frames).

Blue ink have been recorded with $306.58, $315.08, $290, $304, $305, $292.89, $299.95, $311, $276.12, $311.01, $302.22, $318.03, $321, #338, $312.58. Its not certain if some of these were resold as they were not numbered.
The red ink rip cards have fared well being only #'d 1 of 10.
Red ink records were $760, $516.57, $632.57 and $476.00
Allen & Ginter autographed box toppers have shown around $400
Topps Tier One autograph cards numbered to # 50 have also sold as follows - $224.72, $274.99, $229.39, $247.50, $237.50 and $219.07
These Pele cards are part of the modern glut of variations, especially the Topps Allen & Ginter.
If I had the money that these high end cards are bringing, personally I would opt to get some of the vintage Pele cards from the 1960's. But I understand the chase of modern cards.
However, whichever the collector chooses, it only proves that PELE is still King ! 


Captain Canuck said...

a buddy of mine has the "75 Topps" autograph.
I tried to acquire/trade for it.

Unfortunately he knows it's full value. Needles to say, he still has the card, and I'm very jealous.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Jealous ??? I'm greener with envy than Pele's N.Y. Cosmos jersey !!!

I love that 1970's color mash design.

I will have to fill the void with vintage 1975 soccer cards.

Fuji said...

I need that 75T Pele autograph to complete my 2013 Topps Archives autograph set. I'm hoping in a few years, Topps will have flooded the market so much that I can pick it up for a more reasonable price.