Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Chronicles of Fuji celebrates his 1000th blog post. That's more than most days I even think about blogging. He's an oddball, a school teacher and an all around interesting person to read. The beauty of blogging is getting to know someone through there interests.

Fuji's assorted interest and story telling gathers curiocity from many circles. That's why I think I've continued to follow his writing. My personal occupation with international things and a variety of interests can relate.

As my followers can tell by my lack of recent posts, I'm moving to the next phase of life. Still interested in the hobbies, with one foot in but also noticably absent. I've seen many bloggers run their course - tell their story and then fade away. The reason for quitting or ceasing operations, as it were, can range from a bad experience in the hobby to financial difficulties.  someties its just phases of life, marriage, children, moving or change of occupation.

Either way, we often look for the realiable and steady while all around us is spinning. Fuji has done a remarkable job in keeping us interested while things change around him and the hobby.

Thanks Fuji and hope you enjoy the future.

Here's one for you because you only live once ...
 ... or twice in cardboard.

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Fuji said...

Thanks for the kind words. Now I'm off to see if Mie Hama signed any of those cards.