Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GOT BALLS ? Size makes a difference

I never had any interest in newer gaming toys. I certainly do not play Yu-Gi-Ho or Pokemon card games or watch the cartoons.

However, I do like some of the toys associated with them. I like small, detailed toys. The Japanese, as toy makers, are the best at doing this. In my weekend searches for cool collectables i have often overlooked these unsuspecting plastic balls. On a recent long drive, I found a handful of these and they entertained me for the 40-minute car ride (no, I was not driving).

Little did I know that they blossom when they open to become mechanical creatures ...

BAKUGAN is the name of these tiny transforming balls. Baku means "exploding" and Gan meaning "sphere" in Japanese. Perhaps this is what give this toy its fascination to young minds.

From dragons to roosters, these techno-looking objects are spring loaded and pop open with any significant contact. As I understand it, they can also be triggered by a magnetic playing card that accompanies the game. All of this plays out in the arena of battle.

A fast food line of Bakugan has also been produced, but the toys are bigger (double the size at about 2 inches). They have less detail and are not as dynamic.

Cheap thrills are still part of being a kid at heart.  I got mine.

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