Friday, September 28, 2012

Collecting The FOOTBALL LEAGUE 100 - # 7 William FOULKE

He was known as "Fatty" Foulke because he weighed as much as 24 stone - the British equivalent of 331 pounds ! However, at 6 ft. 4 inches he also covered the goal which he kept safe for Sheffield United, Chelsea and Bradford City. 

He appeared once for England at the International level in 1897. 

1908 OGDEN'S Cigarette card issue of William Foulke.

In later years he became quite the crowd attraction. He placed two boys behind his goal to distract the opposition. They often retrieved balls for him, by fortune, inventing the first use of "ball boys".

In my pursuit to collection all the one hundred top Football League players, here is my count so far:

75 of 100 player cards = 75% finished
8 of 100 first issue cards = 8%

budget: $100
spent: $5
balance: $95

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Alan Zimmerman said...

Nice Fatty Foulke! I am looking forward to watching this unfold. Good luck! Alan