Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baseball ... a pass the time sport.

Baseball ... the American past-time. When you look at our modern pace - the "instant" world we live in - baseball is almost passe'.
Somewhere along the line, in the early 1970's, a Topps executive (because there were no other card makers) decided to add "In Action" cards to the card sets. gone were the days of carefree poses.

There was once time for standing "hands on hips ...

leaning against the bats...

waiting for your time at bat ...

and just sitting around.
What I really enjoyed about the cards up to the 1970's was the sunshine. The colors, bright and solid made the spring, summer and fall - happy for all the world to see.
The above card of the Oakland A's - Bert Campaneris - was once my favorite card. It looked like a perfect job - a pro athlete that only plays when the sun shines, in the best part of the year (summer) and in really interesting states like California and New York. My loyalty to the A's, Mets and Yankees
Somewhere along the way the season got too long. Playing in snow and drizzling rain is less fun. Wearing pink and silver and ray-on black jerseys is just depressing.
I like the game as it was. These cards allow me that satisfaction.