Monday, January 6, 2014

70's SWEETNESS - Candy and Gum cards

My latest additions to the collection both come from the end of the 1970's. In fact, the pair were both issued for the 1979 season and were a product of gum and candy premiums.
OSVALDO ARDILES was a the dynamic midfield general of Argentina's 1978 FIFA World Cup winning team. A year later he joined English club Tottenham. His career with the London club earned him a place in the Football Hall off Fame.
1979 Topps England - Osvaldo Ardiles
The other player, Kenny Dalglish, also played in the 1978 World Cup for Scotland. It was his 2nd of 3 World Cups for the Scotsman. The Scots left it too late and didn't get past the group stages. He would go on to play a record 102 times for his country and a record 30 international goals.

1979 Barratt Footballers - Kenny Dalglish
Dalglish made his mark on English football after a leaving Scottish football with over 100 goals. He added over 200 with Liverpool and a showcase full of trophies. Kenny Dalglish is also a member of the Football Hall of Fame.
Both of these are great additions to my soccer PC and a super way to start 2014.

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