Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beating COMC.com Prices - Easy, Fast and Fun

After hearing many bloggers and forum post about purchases on COMC.com (Check Out My Cards), I decided to have a look for myself. I went to the section that interests me - soccer cards.
I was (sticker) shocked to see the prices being asked.
2002 Panini foil stickers - $24.99

2010 Panini Fernando Torres sticker - $20.99 

1990 Panini Dunga sticker - $15.99
Holy-crapoly !  Does anyone really pay these prices ?  If so, I have a counter offer deal for you. I will beat those prices, and then some !
Looking at some of the other sports cards - baseball, football and basketball, it looks more like a showcase than a sales room. If I have any of the cards on COMC.com - I guarantee I can beat their prices.  So check MY CARDS out.


Fuji said...

It'd be nice to sit down and interview some of the sellers on COMC who are looking for way over the market value. My guess is they use the site as a showcase. At times it's entertaining and fun to look at these prices... but other times (like when I actually need the card), it's just annoying.

Have an enjoyable and safe New Year's Eve and a great 2014.

Ryan G said...

There are certainly ridiculous prices on COMC. I still don't understand minor league baseball single costs.

On the other hand, COMC does have good deals on many inserts with some great bargains.

That said, I'm always happy to work on a trade with you - I can put together some more Japanese cards to send your way. (Do I owe you anything still, while I'm at it?)

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Thanks guys.

I agree Fuji. Its window shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Ryan - you owe nothing. I woukld be happy to trade if I can help you.

reach me here - soccerarchives@gmail.com