Monday, December 9, 2013

Vintage Card Haul # 1 - 1935 Topical Times

Every passionate card collectors has their wishes and dreams - mine of course is to have every player who every appeared on cardboard all visible in one showcase. Well, one can dream, right ?
For now, the quest continues.
I search for gems to add to my collection but also cards that can be utilized as a teaching tool or informational artifact.  While a good portion of pre-war cards are either a portrait picture or distant action shot of a player, only a few sets depict these men in full uniform from head to toe on a larger scale.
This is the case with the TOPICAL TIMES Series of the mid-1930's.
1935 Topical Times Panel Portraits
These over-sized cards measuring 4 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches, are fantastic historical images of the style of jerseys, shorts, socks and boots of the times. In addition, the background stadiums are often clearly identifiable.
I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this bunch of 15 cards for a downright steal. While the group has no "Hall of Famers" so to speak, it contains several top name clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City.
There are also several known and lesser known international players which cover the all British Isles.  Here are the players, some with their respective number of caps and accomplishment:
James Argue - Chelsea
Sam Barkas - Manchester City - 5 England caps
George Cummings - Aston Villa - 9 Scotland Caps
"Mickey" Fenton - Middlesborough - 1 England cap / 100 + league goals
Bob Hesford - Huddersfield Town
Jim Harley - Liverpool
Len Goulden - West Ham United - 14 England caps
Charlie Fletcher - Plymouth Argyle
Tom Holley - Leeds United
Alf Kirchen - Arsenal - 3 England caps
Sid Lawrence - Swansea Town - 8 Wales caps
Walter Millership - Sheffield Wednesday
Alex Stevenson - Everton - 26 caps (7 Ireland /19 Northern Ireland)
Fred Sharman Leicester City
Robert Pryde - Blackburn Rovers 
Click on the above pictures to get a closer look at these beauties.

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