Saturday, January 10, 2009

Indians & Aviators 2

MAIL DAY - Today was a clear blue sky day in Florida. I took a morning bike ride and saw several aircraft leaving a white vapor trail across the horizon. Airplanes and air travel still fascinates me.

This week I received two aviation cards to add to the collection. Tony F. over on Net54 sent these beauties:
The Douglas Skyhawk jet fighter (above) is from a 1958 British series titled Jet Aircraft of the World by CARDMASTER.
The other is from the 1941 set Uncle Sam - Airmen featuring High Altitude Pilots. I truly admire the artwork on these cards as something that cannot be reproduced by photos. Although these cards are not in mint condition I can imagine there were in some youngsters' possession as far back as World War II. The creases only add to the character of these vintage issues.

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Dinged Corners said...

These are just beautiful. Do you like the artwork of Milton Caniff, especially Steve Canyon?