Sunday, December 14, 2008

Favorite Things ...

Adam Gellman over at Sports Cards Uncensored has invited us to join his 2nd Blog Bat Around. The subject of this endeavour is to exhibit our favorite card. Although I am known for my love of soccer and hockey, I really busted my cherry on baseball cards. This led me to all things cardboard.

During my college days I survived boring micro-economics and lectures by reading about baseball. My favorite sports era to read about was from the early 1900's.

As I came into my second phase of collecting I scoured shows and flea markets for players I had read about. I frequented several shops and dealers. One chubby know-it -all had a book full of cards. Now my fellow traders know I like old stuff. So the card that caught my eye looked like a tobacco card of Ty Cobb.

As I was still learning my collecting craft I told the guy he had a nice T205 Ty Cobb. He looked at me and said "that's a 1969 Bazooka card". We ended up arguing for about a minute or two.

Finally, I asked him how much the card cost. He told me "two bucks". So I paid the man.

Here is the card:


ernest said...

What a steal! Do you remember the time period when you got this and how in world did he think this was a 1969 Bazooka? I hope you wrangled other pre-war cards from the guy at rock bottom prices.

dayf said...



Niiiiiice. That's amazing. You're trying to tell the guy he has something good and he insists it's a Bazooka card.