Monday, December 22, 2008

Wishing a Merry E-Christmas

I am late as usual in getting the obligatory gifts to everyone on my list. The great thing about life in cyberspace, things can be done much faster and in less reality. In that vain, and in the spirit of giving - I am sending these e-gifts to my fellow bloggers. As they say "it's the thought that counts". These are not so much a gift as an homage to the various bloggers and their collections:

TO: David @ Cardboard Junkie - for the love of all things ATLANTA. I send you a 1973-74 team card one with my favorite hockey jerseys - no longer in use. The Atlanta Flames "burning A" was a grand design. You got me reading your blog and now all this is your fault. Start signing "We Didn't Start the Fire ..."

TO: Steve @ White Sox Cards - there is something pure about liking the sox. A team that went through scandal and hardship. Glad they could win one in your life-time.
TO: Adam @ Thought and Sox - I know every kid has a Christmas wish. If yours is to see Jim Rice inducted into the Hall of Fame - I am sending you this All-Star card to power the MoJo.

TO: Ryan @ Trader Crack's Cards - I know you collect Canadian born players; or should I say Canadien ? Although old Nap Lajoie was born in America, he had deep, very deep French-Canadien roots. He often went to Canada and organized exhibition games. Thousands would come on just the rumor of him playing. What's not to like, eh ?

TO: Brian @ 30 Year old Cardboard - of the many joys I had collecting in the 1980's most had to do with eating. I purchased 7/11 slurpees for the baseball discs. I ate Drake's cakes for the cards and I even had Macaroni & Cheese to get the complete set of Home Plate Heroes.
TO: Matt @ Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius - I know you will ask what is the spitballing Gaylord Perry is doing in your e-gift box. Well my Stagbreaking Heartgenius friend I'm not drunk -yet. Look closely at the background and you will see the mecca to all your ROYAL dreams. I am only sad that I could not get the cascading waterfalls to drop behind the louggie tossing pitcher.
TO: Paul @ Paul's Random Stuff -with all the promise the METS have had so close to the end of the last two seasons, it is truely disappointing I'm sure. It is probably the same way we all felt after collecting Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden only to be smashed into the gutter of the common bin. Take heed that there will be some reedemig value to all your new collective Mets of the 2000 era. It just may not happen until the year 2055.
Lastly, what do you give to a blogger who has everything including some issue with a major conglomerate ? Well ...
TO: Gellman @ Sports Cards Uncensored - this lovely re-issued Beckett Price Guide which he re-edited for all those with learning disabilities. Read the fine print carefully. Merry Christmas to all - from Chuck who cannot afford to send you all ACTUAL gifts.
I hope everyone enjoys their e-gifts.


Steve Gierman said...

Thank you! I will proudly display this virtual card among my other virtual cards.

AlbuqwirkE said...

Chuck, I can't find your email address to discuss trading with you.


Gellman said...