Saturday, July 10, 2010

FUTERA is on FIRE ...

The hits just keep coming ... and I am really smitten with the product that FUTERA has been putting out. Now most high-end trading cards are sold in exclusive tins or boxes. However, FUTERA's online series, sold in regular packs, can result in some major mojo ...
as this pack pull proves. The same card (but different player code) just sold on ebay for $153.77.

Futera, if you can find them in the USA market, retail at the suggested price of $3.99 to $4.25 per pack.

The other feature I like about the FUTERA cards is that they are like travelers checks - redeemable world-wide. If you are seeking specific national teams or players, you can post your wants on the FUTERA Trading Forum. the chase cards of HEROES and the powerful LEGENDS are highly desired for the virtual game.

This enables you to play their online soccer manager game while putting together your dream team. So while I'm not a big fan of Ronaldo, I can swap him for a player of his value and a star that I admire more.

Anyone want a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey card ?

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