Monday, July 12, 2010

WORLD CUP CONTEST - Winners & Prizes

Well the tabulations have been made and the results are in ... who knew it would be so much @#$%^ math to figure this out (I sure did't when I offered the contest.

However, it really came down to an interesting finish as actually 4 entries went down to the wire. Here are the results :

1. roofgod - 61 pts.
2. dayf - 43 pts.
3. Dan - 37 pts.
4. Captain Canuck - 32 pts. (tie)
4. Beardy - 32 pts. (tie)
5. Darkship - 14 pts.
6. Mttelkjel - 10 pts.
roofgod's pick of Hunduras' lows propelled him to the top. With two players in the goal scoring hunt for the golden boot, and both teams with the chance of a top scorer - it was neither that made the difference. (Villa and Sneijder)

So here are the prizes - (keeping in mind we are in a ressession) I will allow the first place winner to pick first choice, the second place pick what is remaining, and the third to take the left-overs (sorry I cannot offer more).

A. (20 different) 1990 Panini World Cup stickers (Italia 90) - won't tell you which they are, but you do the homework. Help finish / start your vintage Panini collection.
B. One unopened pack of (France 98) 1998 Panini World Cup stickers and ...
one 1998 Panini World Cup card.
C. One unopened pack of 2010 Panini Adrenalyn cards.

A, B, or C, That's it folks ... email your picks (in order of preference) with your addresses.

Thanks for playing.

I have thought about taking up the side bar (where the contest standings is listed) with a "hot top 10" soccer cards - both current and vintage. These would be updated weekly or monthly. Let me know your thoughts.


Captain Canuck said...

can't believe I missed it by that much....

and yeah, a top 10 sounds cool...

RoofGod said...

I'm thinking Door "A" for me, love me the old school stickers.