Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Should I Collect ? CARD FOCUS

The question for many collectors (both new and experienced) is often heard - "what should I collect ?"

In this day of poor economy, low value  / high cost products, it is a dilemma for many collectors to even continue in the hobby. Before I go onto my conundrum, I know that the essentials for my collecting have to be two-fold:

1. Remain an enjoyable pastime (its a hobby folks)
2. Educate me while you entertain me (someday it may reward you)

I have amassed a pretty good amount of soccer cards through the years. The more I search for completion, the more I find that exists. Despite the optimism, I cannot have it all.

So my question to fellow collectors is "WHAT CARDS SHOULD I PERSUE ?"

I am a fan of history, so I am favorable to past players.

FUTERA is just one of several modern sets that has All-Time Greats and Legendary players. 

There is a resurgence with Legendary players making it into American card sets. Some of them are quite affordable while other are very high end. Many have come in the form of very good art work (like the EUSEBIO above) but are quite limited editions.

There is always some exotic set that I would love to collect (as the one above). The art, the history and the rarity make them desirable. However, their rarity make them almost impossible to complete.

I love the international appeal of soccer cards. An American playing Norway, a Frenchman in New York and a Englishman in France. It makes trading so much cooler.

By the way, I had to post the above card of TROY PERKINS. Montreal has won 5 in a row since the big trade that sent Perkins to the Impact while swapping Jamaican International Donovan Ricketts to Portland Timbers. The card was one of my favorite finds from the Norwegian League and is his rookie card.

As far as my goal for a collecting focus, I have set up some parameters to help me (and you) choose my next project.

Some of the sets that would fit are made by candy makers like BARRATT'S or BASSETT'S, and cigarette brands like OGDEN'S, CHURCHMAN'S, or PHILLIP'S. There are even a few Topps insert sets that fit the parameters.


1. The set should be 100 cards or less.
2. My budget is a modest $100
3. I would prefer pre-war cards, but with rising demand and costs I would settle for something from 1970 or earlier.
4. The set should be ascetically pleasing (on the eyes) 

While this leaves for a lot of possibilities, I do want it to be an attainable project and yet remain a challenge.  The budget I've laid out means that I should have some sort of head start already in place to give me the boost to get going.

Well, fans, its time to get those suggestions into the comment box.



AdamE said...

If you decide on Ogden's and end up getting some Boxing cards mixed in with you football cards keep me in mind.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Thanks Adam,
I will definitely keep you in mind. Feel free to email me a list of your boxing wants.

I may consider the 1901 Ogden's Tabs, but it willbe more than my $100 budget.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of fascinated by the 1975 Topps set, though it fails almost all of your criteria.

I find the 30s tobacco cards remarkably affordable compared to either baseball or hockey. It would be a slow process and not fit the budget, but as a multi-year project, even I've considered it (and my soccer knowledge is nil).

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Hey 1967ers -

I would love to finish the 1975 Topps set. But the economy tells me that having too many commons eats up the budget and the shoe box space.

But every bit of advice gives me thought. So thanks.

Alan Zimmerman said...


A couple of suggestions for your quest: 1932 Bulgaria Sport Photos (just the soccer players) or 1936 Nestle (just the soccer players). In particular, the Nestle set of 24 soccer players is difficult to obtain, but not impossible; thrill of the hunt! I have attached some links to scans of examples from each set. (1932 Bulgaria [matthias sindelar]) (1936 Nestle [etienne mattler]) Plenty of "star power" in both sets.