Monday, October 28, 2013

BIGGEST Sketch Card Ever !

Sometimes bigger is not always better. But when it comes to art, it is always subjective. One of my clients commissions me every 6 months or so to fill his LORD OF THE RINGS sketch collection.
An avid sketch card collector, he has asked for recreation of scenes from the Trilogy of films. however, the last 2 commissions have been fantasy scenes - ones that did not actually appear as such in the movies. I've usually sketch these on regulation sized trading cards, just like I did for TOPPS.
This time, I went big ...
To date, my largest sketch card -  measuring 17 inches by 14 inches. The reunion of Galdalf and Bilbo at Hobbiton is the scene.
Although its been almost 10 years since I did the cards that went into the Topps packages, it is still one of the most requested themes for my commission sketch cards. Here's a nostolgic look back at some of my cards I found dealers selling on ebay*.
*: Sadly, I cannot afford my own card at some of the asking prices. 

If you have a theme or subject that you might want to see on a sketch trading card, drop me a note.

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