Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1970's Swingin' Oakland A's in 3-D

Over at The Chronicles of Fuji, my fellow blogger waxed on about his favorite player RICKEY HENDERSON. The 1980's found the hobby a growing monster of collecting madness. Every entrepreneur was getting in the act of baseball trinkets. 

This medallion coin was produced for Rickey Henderson breaking Lou Brock's base stealing record.

This reminded me of my affinity for the 1970's Oakland A's - a team filled with some of the best names ever printed on baseball cards - Rollie Fingers, Vida Blue and "Blue Moon" Odom to mention a few.

But besides the cardboard cards, there was the mornings with the cereal box and 3-D cards.

Part of my collection included these favorites made for the KELLOGG'S breakfast company:

1970 Kellogg's - REGGIE JACKSON

After featuring Hall of Famer REGGIE JACKSON in Kellogg's debut, the 1971 set was oddly devoid of any the stars that would be part of the A's three World Series (1972-1975).

1971 Kellogg's  - PAT DOBSON - how Pat made it into this set while Jackson was left out is curious. It must be based on his career high 16 wins in 1970.
1971 Kellogg's - DON MINCHER - his 5th year reaching 20 or more HRs made Don a star for the Kellogg's set. He hit 27 HRs, a career high, in 1970.

1971 Kellegg's - FILIPE ALOU - Filipe would not even finish the 1971 season as an "Oakland Athletic" before being traded to the Yankees. 

1971 Kellogg's - RICK MONDAY - made his fame with another California team, playing 3 World Series with the L.A. Dodgers (1977, 1978, 1981).

1972 Kellogg's - VIDA BLUE - the reigning Cy Young winner and A.L. Most Valuable Player.

1974 Kellogg's - REGGIE JACKSON - MVP season

1974 Kellogg's - "CATFISH" HUNTER - won 21 games for the 3rd season running. This was the middle of 5 consecutive 20 win seasons. Hall of Fame in 1987.   

1975 Kellogg's - REGGIE JACKSON - always looked good in the green and gold. But would soon be a Baltimore Oriole (not a great look).

Great cereal. Great cards. Great memories.


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