Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday morning, with the Euro 2012 madness still swirling in my head, I had to take a break to do my usual garage sales and flea market treasure hunt. (Recently blogged about at "Chronicles of Fuji").

I got my usual this and that (toy collector stuff). However, at one table at the flea market was the booth that no one really approaches. Most of the stuff has been rotting on the tables or poorly stored for long periods.

I saw a few baseball cards (terribly overpriced from another decade) and flip a few plastic pages of junk cards. Underneath I found a few dozen clinking Topps baseball coins. I asked the elderly gentleman how much - and he replied "a dollar each". So I zoomed in on a few but ultimately, I purchased just one -

1971 Topps Coin of ROBERTO CLEMENTE

Its not even remotely in mint condition but not looking run over by a truck either. I thought it was a cool thing to have as he is one of my favorite baseball players of all time.

There were a few other star coins - namely, Thurman Munson. Should I go back and get it ?  Chime in with your thoughts.

Now its back to this afternoon's "GROUP OF DEATH" 2012 Euro matches ...

PS - I already had this coin, so if you want to trade - its up for grabs.


Captain Canuck said...

yes, you absolutely need that Munson coin.... in order to send it to me. ;)

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Cap - I will try to go back this weekend - if its still there, I will get it for you.