Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Knight of Sport Kings

It is few and far between that I am excited about new products. Don't misunderstand me, I have interest in lots of the new stuff, but that different from EXCITEMENT !

The SPORT KINGS GUM series that has been revived of late. It is a continuation of the classic cards of various sports stars from the 1930's. And it is only fitting that the 2012 set contain a players that was a star from that pre-war period.

Stanley Matthews was featured in several tobacco and trade cards from the 1930's all the was to his last playing season in 1965. He was first dubbed "the wizard of dribble" for his skillful artistry with the ball. 

As an ambassador of the game to all part of the world, he was never sent off and never booked during his career. He was knighted by the Queen of England in 1965, the first soccer player to be honored as such.
Sir Stanley Matthews is seen in the colors of Stoke City FC with which he began in 1930. He served in WWII and returned to the "Potters" until he was transferred to  Blackpool in 1947. He returned to Stoke City in 1961 while earning 54 caps for England. (he had an additional 29 war-time appearances)

The Sport Kings set contains a subset of  "papercuts", unique one-of-a-kind autograph cards.

If I could own one card, to add to my present collection, it would be this one.

I once had the pleasure of meeting Sir Stan and found him to be the very essence of class. I asked him to send me a postcard when he returned to Stoke, England. A few weeks later I received a postcard in the mail. Neatly written on it " Best Wishes from Stan Matthews".

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Michael said...

That would be an awesome card to add! Good luck on your searching, I'll keep my eyes out too!