Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learning from Vintage cards

Did you ever wonder about the original TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS' logo ? Did you ever wonder what is a "Cavalier" ? According to the NBA's Cleveland franchise its a guy like LeBron James or if you look at their logo - it's a basket.
Well in looking through my vintage tobacco cards, I finally found the orange guy that spent a decade on the side of the Tampa Bay helmet - HE was a CAVALIER.

Without the knowledge of vintage cigarette cards I would not have known this. Prior to finding this series (1905 Players - Riders of The World), I just thought a Bushranger was a Texas Major League Baseball player from the 1980's. Now I know better.

While rifling through my closet I came to discover that I may belong to high society. I had several neck ties that matched those on these Churchman's Well-Known Ties series. Even with all the "pip-pip" and "old boy" I could say that I would love to visit the buildings that are associations with them. Maybe you have a proper tie that makes you an alumni ?

The fact that modern cards like Topps' Allen & Ginter are copying original tobacco cards just makes me want to get more vintage. While an A&G back or a black border may seem desirable, what is missing is all the information about what is on the front.
The front of this card is wonderful and full of color. But honestly, I have never heard of a plantain-eating bird.
However, the reverse of this Ogden's Foreign Birds card tells me all I need to know of the banana-chomping aviary. In fact all of the cards have some kind of trivial information that you find on wikipedia.
There was a lot of buying and trading activity recently featuring the A&G mini inserts of sharks and snakes. I was surprised by the prices some of the cards reached - up to $5 each. I was even more surprised that I could get this Ogden's Zoo Studies - Royal Python for less than .25 cents.
Although we are some months from baseball's spring training, I was able to find a card with both a Tiger and Cubs playing ball. Funny thing was, they wore the same striped uniform.
Would it be cool if these original vintage card were used for inserts ?

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