Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You've Been Served: BURN NOTICE

Sometimes information comes too late. Sometimes it's meant that way. But the life of a spy is never predictable. That's what contemporary TV is not.

There used to be a network season - it started in the fall - took a holiday around Christmas - and finished around the time most school classes did. Then you had the summer off for re-runs.

Now the networks show a few episodes - show some re-runs - take a hiatus - show a few episodes - move to a different night - and end the season with a cliff hanger. And maybe come back in 3 or 8 months.

For the purposes of this blog I am remembering the trading cards that used to feature our favorite regular television programing. I used to collect some of these cards as a kid (before baseball cards took over). Hit shows like M*A*S*H, Magnum PI, Partridge Family, Charlie's Angels and The Waltons all had card sets.

Well, most of those card collectors have grown up. And its time to accept that TOPPS and other companies are targeting a more mature audience. With that in mind, I present my version of promotional cards for one of my favorite hit TV shows - BURN NOTICE.
Any show that has spies, girls and explosions (not necessarily in that order) - all in the sunshine of Florida is "ok" in my book. A discharged former spy, a crazy female ex-spy (wonderfully portrayed by Gabrielle Anwar) and a beer swilling side kick (Bruce Campbell) can only lead to trouble and excitement. It does.

Campbell, who is a cult favorite of anyone who loved EVIL DEAD, adds a great supporting role as does Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey) who plays Micheal Weston's (Jeffrey Donovan) chain smoking, tough-ass mother. But then again that describes almost all the characters.

It's a card set I would love to see. No need for autographs (as Campbell's is one of the worst) or used memorabilia (a bikini swatch from Fiona ?). Just some action shots and maybe some trivia.
This is a fun show and if you have not caught it yet - you can on Thursday nights on the USA Network at 10 PM. (Warning: This show may be additive)

You've been notified.


dayf said...

Bruce Campbell rookie card!!!

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Actually Bruce Campbell had a card in the XENA: Warrior Princess set.

His autograph, if you can call it that (pen touched the paper somehow) is how I know that he's got no penmanship.

Having said that, I'd still take it. Campy is a cult legend.